The Rain Series I: After the Rain

Here we go again. It’s been a long few months of intense dryness. Whether it’s due to the effects of El Nino or Climate Change, every Ghanaian and I might add, every Lagosian (I hear that the bustling city of Lagos has been “boiling”) has felt something of the weather. A long dry season has meant severe water shortages in various parts of the country. Nsawam has been in the news for all the wrong reasons and politicians have been scrambling to save face and score cheap points.

But the drought has been bad enough that Ghanaians are praying for rain. At least, I have been. And praying for a lot of it, too. But I suppose that in Accra Central, they may want rain but with some terms and conditions attached. But very soon it will begin to rain again, whether we like it or yes (as my chaplain used to say) and the same problems that we struggled with will be there to hit us in the face again. This is because welcoming the season of rain means welcoming flooding, cholera and Particularly Bad Roads. Ah, I do pray that it doesn’t happen. That has been obvious in my writings so don’t bite my head off for being negative. I’ll be disappointed if you do. Because even though I believe in miracles, my faith doesn’t extend as far as hoping for some grand hand to solve our trouble with rain because we have wished and prayed for it very badly. We will be like ostriches that hide our heads in the sand hoping that somehow, next time, the next big rain will not cause such a mess even when we know that nothing has been done. But I also pray for the time when Big Men can be thrown into jail and pay hefty fines for not doing their jobs. For now, let’s hope. And talk. It helps somehow, doesn’t it?

Just one heavy rain and the City looks distressed already. The dirt we threw away months ago, stuffing them into gutters is back on the streets to taunt us. The good thing is that the March 1 rain washed away the Harmattan dust and will fill up our natural water reservoirs. Well, folks, let’s see how this Rainy Season goes. And let me know if you have any serious run-ins with Rain.


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