Are You Big Fish?

 “Then Jesus was led by the Spirit into the desert to be tempted by the devil.” Matthew 4: 1

Where do you feel the most pressure?

In his encounter with the devil in the desert, Jesus was tempted to do the one thing that would compromise the very reason he willingly left heaven to be born on earth: his identity and mission as the Son of God.

Where do you feel the most pressure? That is probably where your greatest asset and virtue lie… and therefore, your vulnerability. That is probably where you’ll be tempted in creative ways. And that is probably where your downfall or failure will be heard with a loud crash.

Being tempted does not mean you are bad. It may mean you are “very good”. The devil is ambitious. He doesn’t like to fritter away with small fish. He is a strategist who knows that if he can bring down big fish, many others will follow.

If the marring of your testimony will cause many people to sway in their faith, to doubt or even fall back, then you are big fish. Beware!

But if you fall, always remember this: grace is waiting. And grace wins every time.


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