Much Ado about Babies

Hi folks! Yes, I’m still “talking” about my interesting days back in school. But stay with me. We are almost there. Hopefully, the university appreciates all this visibility. 

Normally, it’s cute when a baby makes gurgling noises. But not when you are trying to concentrate on something that is fairly important. And there was a baby in class. No, the baby was not crying. It was just making restless sounds that were awfully distracting. I glanced back to look at who would bring a baby to class and sighed. Take him away, I wanted to scream. No, I have nothing against babies.

Talking about babies, our class had a fair share of pregnant women. Some pregnant and pleasant, others, not so much. But who am I to judge. I am only saying what the pregnant women said about themselves.

But pregnant women are a peculiarity of Sandwich students. Many students are married and working and living life as every normal person should. But then our relatively normal lives are interrupted by an 8 week programme known as a Sandwich course. So we come as we are, some pregnant, some not pregnant. But being pregnant is a good thing, I was told. Why? I asked. Apparently, the sandwich time is rife with flings and affairs and even the married get into the fray. It’s actually not easy to tell who is married and who’s not since wedding rings are tossed out in the spirit of embracing 8 weeks of campus freedom. But even the golden band doesn’t faze some men. After all, it means they can do what they like without fear of any sort of attachment or clinging girlfriend after the 8 weeks run out. So that’s where being pregnant helps. It is seen as a way by nervous husbands to deter more adventurous men from their pretty wives. An insurance, so to speak. Something, huh?

Last Day of Classes!
Last Day of Classes!

Though messed up in many ways, many of my classmates confessed that they actually looked forward to coming back to school. To many, it was a welcome break, a holiday. And I met great people: the wonderful PRO, the man with many “wives” and mademoiselle! We ate together, walked, laughed, went to church, ah yes, and studied. Just all-round great, down to earth people, who looked out for me and made it all worthwhile. What’s life without amazing friends?


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