In her Words

I’m loving this weather. Totally. Nothing in me wants that hot sun to shine. That sun which makes you believe completely in climate change or global warming. The scientists can argue all they want but for me, I know the heat is not normal. The annoying thing is that when I go about under my umbrella or hat, people will open their mouths and ask me, “Are you not African?” What on earth does that mean? That to be African I deserve the privilege of being scorched by the sun? No, thank you. You can keep your sun and I’ll keep my hat on. It just made me realize that all those songs written and sung about women being some guy’s sunshine were definitely not written for Africa or by Africans. The Ghanaian sun definitely doesn’t elicit such warm loving feelings. I’ve got clouds on a sunshiny day sounds more culturally correct to me. I love the fact that I can snuggle under a layer of covering because it’s cool than lying awake in birthday garb waiting for a whiff of breeze.


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