In her Head

As a story-writer (I don’t tell stories very well) I tend to anticipate actions and reactions and will usually have unconsciously worked out the endings to movies, books or some TV drama series. I only realized this was not always normal when another person watching would ask why so and so person had to act that way when to me, it was to be expected. I find this ability troubling especially when it has to do with the only TV series I follow: Tinsel on Africa Magic. My favourite character is easily Angela Dede: a driven young woman with a taste for dangerous men, an appetite for power and more than a mild touch of mental challenges. I watch her with fascination and seem to understand why she does what she does and even what she would do next. I think she is the most predictable and stable of characters. Should this make me worried? What does this say about me? I used to also like Sheila Gardia but the writers begun to make her do what I call stupid things, things I believed were out of character. I find that writers or directors do that when they want to make something happen but can’t find a logical progression to achieve that ending. So their characters become stupid, acting out of character. But so far, they’ve not messed with Angela Dede. In Tinsel, she is wildly unpredictable, broken but not needy, strong but not overbearing (like Brenda Mensah), and I just like to think that I know her and we may not admit it, but everyone has some crazy in them.


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