It’s a new year. And it’s been a year since I first began to write on PERSPECTIVE. An exciting, interesting year. For every avid reader, every follower and every person who inspired my words, I say a big thank you!

The plan was to write for a year. I admit that there were some times when I shared only silence. Now that 2016 is over, I will still write. Because how else do I share what matters to me?

I hope to be reading a lot this year. Thanks to my big brother who got me a pile of books from the bestselling author, Maeve Binchy. I shiver in excitement at the mere thought of reading them. This was very timely as I have just finished going through my Jane Austens.

I also hope to catch myself doing new and exciting things. Much more exciting than when I found myself chasing 2 hens with a stick just before Christmas Day. Between their dodging and flying, I ran until I was sweating. I had a moment of self-reflection when I asked myself, “Who would believe I was deliberately chasing hens?” And who says chickens are faint hearted? Anyway, we were chasing them out of the yard because we had already lost one to the mouth of our dog. And we didn’t want another bloody chicken death.

By the grace of God, I will also make the most of every opportunity, and as it is said, make lemonade from lemons. My nieces, 3 and 1, reminded me of this when the orange slices I cut for them turned into orange juice. When I set the plate before them, they both wrinkled their faces after the first bite, unimpressed with the taste of the oranges. In the few minutes I was out of sight, they had used their tiny hands to squeeze the liquid from the fruit. Even kids could figure it out that juice is better than sour oranges. And even though they made a fine mess (much to my dismay), they got a nice bowl of juice.

That’s the perspective I’m going to have for the year.

Happy New Year!


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