High on Grace!

Hello friends! It’s been a long long while. How have you been? Guess what? This is going to be short and sweet. First, I have a brand new blog and it’s called “high on grace“. No brainer there! Why a new blog? Because I’m finally getting my overdue stories out there. My brand new novel […]

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I’m writing this with my head pounding. It wasn’t a stressful day at work so it makes me wonder. “For the land which you go to possess is not like the land of Egypt from which you have come, where you sowed your seed and watered it by foot, as a vegetable garden; but the […]

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If you call a politician, who is supposed to represent you in parliament and who is accountable to you, if you call this person your mother, you immediately see how that person will get away with anything. When has your mother ever been accountable to you? It’s always the other way round.